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Posted by Asvegren - February 6th, 2015

The game is progressing ridiculously well! Spent a good amount of time coding up various particle effects (the gif below is a couple placeholder enemies afflicted with bleed dropping blood particles). I always have a good time coding particles (you can actually see another type - spirit particles - in the gif).


The game plan contains 42 (!) skills to level up, a task that seemed daunting at first. But somehow I have managed to code 11 of them already! Granted I have picked the easiest, lowest hanging fruit, but still the progress is remarkable for something that has been in development for a few weeks. Can the game be done in a year? That would be amazing.

Please follow me here on NG, or 8bitskull on twitter for more updates!

Posted by Asvegren - January 29th, 2015

A year after the release of Zos, I have dusted off the old coding machine (brain) to get at it again. This is my most ambitious project ever, and it is the first (!) time I am coding in AS3. Yes, unsurprisingly both Zos and Wilt were coded in AS2. I say unsurprisingly because of the plethora of (justified) complaints about the performance. I'm the first to admit that the coding was poor and there was no real excuse for using an outdated language to begin with.

I'm learning AS3 by doing. Past attempts at learning by reading and following along in a book have failed woefully, as it is just. so. boring. I've hit some bumps and debugging some errors can be infuriating, but so far coding in AS3 is going super well.

Please follow me here for more updates, and 8BitSkull on Twitter for more casual posts.

Posted by Asvegren - January 4th, 2014

Zos is finally released. Better late than never, hey!


Play here:




Posted by Asvegren - August 28th, 2013

Hey everyone!

Our newest game, Zos, is ready for beta testing. We are incredibly excited to hear what people think! If you would like to help us out, please comment to let us know you would like to test. I will then add you to the project as a tester, and you will be able to play the game here on NG.

Any testers that provide good feedback (by good I mean useful, not necessarily positive!) will earn a spot in the credits. From our experience testing feedback is invaluable for the final quality of a game, so the more you provide the better! It can be bug reports, things that are too easy/hard, places you get stuck, things that don't make sense, etc.

And while I'm at it, please follow us on Twitter for news about this and future games.

Thank you!

Zos: Beta testers needed!

Posted by Asvegren - June 13th, 2013

Hey everyone!

Following Wilt, Karlo and I are working on a brand new platforming adventure. We decided to put in a little race level to change things up. We've had quite varied feedback with regards to the difficulty, so we wanted to see how other people experience the level.


ANY suggestions for improvements or any type of feedback will be greatly appreciated. Intelligent suggestions, implemented or not, will land you a spot in the credits.

Please follow us here (and here) or on Tworter for more updates!

Thank you for your comments!

Testers needed!

Posted by Asvegren - November 28th, 2012

Wilt: Last Blossom is finished! With graphics by Minotaur, an original soundtrack by Calamaistr and code by yours truly - we are really excited about it. I can honestly say that I love this game, am proud to bits over it, and hope everyone that plays it will enjoy it too.

Before we release it, we want to do some solid testing to iron out bugs and issues. Are you interested? Send me a PM or post a comment here and I will give you tester access.


WILT - testers needed!

Posted by Asvegren - October 1st, 2007

It's been over four years since the original Art of War was released. Now the sequel is finally done!

With graphics by Haartufs and programming by yours truly, I give you:

Art of War 2!

(Also, get some awesome free Art of War wallpapers here!)

Finally - Art of War 2!